Local activities

Being in a small community

In 1995, Economic Strategies relocated from Sydney to a four-hectare property near the NSW Central West country town of Oberon. Being a professional consulting organisation in a country town carries some obligations that may not apply in a metropolitan location. There is an active business organisation (the Oberon Business Association) and tourism organisation (the Oberon Plateau Tourism Association or OPTA).

Many local businesses and individuals put in untold hours of unpaid time to promote their local community and Economic Strategies feels it has an obligation to contribute too. We have contributed surveys of consumer behaviour (whether local residents support Oberon businesses or go to nearby larger town Bathurst to shop), and a survey of business retention and extension (BRE) organised through the Department of State and Regional Development through the Oberon Business Association and Oberon Council.

These and other services have been provided for little or no remuneration. We are not alone in the community in providing such services and consider them important in the effort to promote a promising and attractive country area.

As a past coordinator of a prestigious chamber music event, the Kowmung Music Festival, Hans also conducted two audience surveys on its behalf (2001 and 2002).

Last revised: 22 April 2009

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