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Economic Strategies Pty Ltd is the corporate vehicle for its principal, Danish-born consulting economist Hans Hoegh-Guldberg. After completing his first-class degree in Economics from Copenhagen University in 1958 he set out for Australia with his Australian wife and small daughter and started his consulting career in Sydney in mid-1959. 

He founded Economic Strategies in December 1984 after 17 years with three leading management and economic consulting firms in Sydney and eight years as a strategic planning manager and new business analyst with a large Australian manufacturing company. Since 1979 he has been a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, and since 1992 a Certified Management Consultant.

Economic Strategies’ initial focus was set in 1985 when the Australia Council for the Arts commissioned Hans to conduct a pioneering study of the Australian music industry. Many other culture-related projects followed, some of which are described in the pages on the music sector, culture and growth, and public libraries.

New perspectives in the 1990s included a venture to establish a business information service on Indonesia in partnership with his wife Isobel (who taught Indonesian language and culture in Sydney high schools from 1976 to 1991), and moving into ecological economics from 2000, as described in the environment page. The Indonesian venture gave rise to an interest in scenario planning which has been vigorously pursued in subsequent projects. A report on four Indonesia scenarios 1998-2008 is available from the scenario planning page of this site.

The ecological focus happened because coral reefs were being identified as especially vulnerable to climate change, potentially affecting millions of coastal communities depending on their livelihood from adjacent reefs. Becoming involved in one such study led to several others, as described in the environment page. This focus continues, with scenario planning as an integral part of the research.

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Last revised: 22 April 2009


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